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How to write a critical lens essay

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Akira Kurosawa An Auteur Film Studies Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Since the term ‘auteur’ was applied to film directors by the cahiers du cinema magazine in the 1950s,there has been much debate by…

Can a Historian Look at the Past Objectively?
Student Written Essay
Introduction: It is going to be discussed the statement “It is impossible for an historian not to view the recent past through a moral or ideological lens”.

Generic Conventions of Documentary
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Purpose of this Essay is to explore the Generic Conventions of Documentary and Documentary photography, comparing the two and to explore how street…

Work of clifford geertz in history
Student Written Essay
Introduction: With the publishing of his book, ‘The Interpretation of Cultures’ in 1973, Geertz has often been hailed as the champion of symbolic anthropology.

The interpretation of images
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Does the person (or people) who produce a work (image, film, artwork etc.) ultimately control its meaning and interpretation?

Cultures of Collecting: Pros and Cons
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Why do people collect? What are the oppressive and the more therapeutic aspects of the ‘cultures of collecting’?

Photography: Then And Now
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Why is the photographic image so powerful & iconic, how do they produce connections of timelessness, and emotional context + what are the perspectives…

The Effect Of Technology On Human Thinking
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay starts an exploration of how technologies impact the human way of thinking. In particular, it examines how the new computers technologies affect…

Queer Theory Reading of a Picture of Dorian Gray
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Living in a society largely intolerant to homosexuality, Wilde was obviously restricted to some extent with regard to what he could write about explicitly.

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