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Carolingian Renaissance Handwriting
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Carolingian Renaissance is known for the cultural transitions and great achievements that were obtained in the 8th century under the direction of Charlemagne.

The Old English Literature History Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Introduction: Today English is the most important language and it is the most spoken language than any other. Nowadays it is a …

Preventing Deterioration of Archival Materials
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Unfortunately, the condition of collections tends to deteriorate due to a combination of elements such as: inadequate and careless use and handling of…

Celtic Christian Art Origins and Development
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Within this essay I will attempt to summarise the origin and development of Celtic art in Great Britain and Ireland. As a result, this would assist…

Good Scientific Writing: Science or Art?
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A scientific paper must succeed to clearly demonstrate how the research work is carried out and what results have been achieved through this research.

Hedda Gabler Manipulation
Student Written Essay
Introduction: An essay on the Hedda Gabler themes, with a comparison to the play Miss Julie. The dominating theme of manipulation is brought out by characterization….

Mozarabic Religious Culture in Spain
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Mozarabs had ritual worships in the Catholic Church which was Mozarabic Liturgy. It was most celebrated on Sundays and on great feasts.

Handwriting recognition software
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Handwriting recognition is said to be growing rapidly in the current globalization. Handwriting recognition is something that is able to describe the ability of …

Advent Of The Printing Press
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The ‘printing revolution’ and advent of the printing press is an event against which there is no other “even approaching in importance” …

Manuscript Submission and Peer- review System
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Any major change in the way people communicate is bound to have major implications for education. Today, in the fast paced life, promoting self written…

Importance of Statistical Research in Medicine
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A brief review through almost any recently published medical journal will show that statistical methods play an increasingly important role in modern…

Ethics in Psychology and Criminal Justice
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This manuscript discusses a couple ethical dilemmas within the disciplines of psychology and criminal justice as well as provides examples of each.

Good/Bad Aspects Of Cyberspace
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This manuscript discusses the good and bad social aspects of the cyberspace. It particularly focuses on the Internet, being the most eminent form …

Classical Theory Pertains To Crime Prevention
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The classical theory insisted that individuals are rational beings who pursue their own interests, trying to maximize their pleasure and minimize their pain.

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